Service Differentiator


Be it server consolidation, virtualization or network infrastructure, the planning and strategy around IT infrastructure determine whether the implementation will succeed or fail; a strong ICT Infrastructure foundation helps the business to succeed.

In a fast changing business landscape, organizations rely on their IT infrastructure to support their business objectives. Planning, building and maintaining a simple, agile, high-performance and scalable IT infrastructure is the need of the day. Most organizations today are looking for IT Infrastructure that matches one or more of the following parameters:

  • Structured and reliable with minimal downtime
  • Evolving business (including user/ customer) requirements are met in all possible ways
  • Is simple and yet high performance
  • Builds on IT investments while incorporating latest technologies and adheres to IT policies and best practice guidelines
  • Offers better and economical solutions
  • Can be managed with least business/management intervention
  • Offers better scalability as the business grows
  • Helps to lower TCO, with clear awareness on hidden costs


Pacer offers a business-centric approach to IT Infrastructure planning, development and maintenance. We startby understanding the vision for your business andanalysing the difference in where your infrastructure is currently.

We then design a solution that helps you reach your intended vision. We have end to end expertise in IT infrastructure consulting, planning, implementing and can assist you in making the choice that's best for your business. We also provide technical expertise and practical advice required to deliver optimal performance, reliability, security and access to the IT infrastructure.