Enterprise Server Computing Solutions


Productive and scalable IT infrastructure is the backbone for any business setup. The need for growth and consolidation and the possibility of redundant resources for a business requires a dynamic, stable, reliable, and manageable IT solution.

One of the foremost challenges faced by organizations today is the demand for multiple servers and the growing complexity of applications. These have in turn, led to many concerns, such as Server sprawl [Physical / virtual], Cooling, Power, Congestion, Provisioning, and Management.

Technological advancements in the server industry today present a wide range of options for the customer to create a datacenter with the most efficient computing environment. However, if the business requirements are not mapped to the solution, there is a high probability of investments being underutilized.

Pacer offers services in the niche areas of enterprise-wide infrastructure needs. Our expertise lies in building the right infrastructure by assessing customer applications, performance requirements, and business requirements diligently.

Pacer can set up varied enterprise solutions from a cycle of simple networks to a demanding datacenter and at the same time, ensure a successful technology roll out. The cost effective solutions prioritize business needs of the customer and are aligned to IT requirements, therefore yielding optimal results.

With Pacer’s computing solutions, your organization and its IT processes operate under one unified umbrella. Our progressive enterprise solutions cater to key customer requirements, such as technical expertise and experience, customer satisfaction, industry’s best practices, and cost effective and efficient service delivery methodology.

We envision and deploy the following software and engineering solutions and services:

1. Server consolidation solutions
2. virtualization solutions
3. High performance computing solutions
4. Cluster solutions
5. Management solutions