Networking and Security

Pacer provides customized solutions to address for any of the following:

To achieve the best in IT infrastructure, one needs a secure, robust, scalable, and high performance network. Maintenance and downtime are constant challenges when dealing with network infrastructure solutions and the layout of internal network and the attached devices impact network performance.

With business growth and changing dynamics, the key challenge in networking is the burgeoning traffic in both LAN and WAN environments. More than just simple file transfers, networks are increasingly being used for other high-data applications, such as voice and Video.

Today’s dense networking environments put forth variables, such as network utilization, portability, ease of access, applications, and expansion that require in-depth research in order to select the most appropriate solution.

From both a network management and security perspective, today’s networks presents unique challenges that Pacer’s solutions are designed to address. Pacer ensures that by considering these variables and partnering with top technology vendors, your network and security requirements are met successfully. 

Pacer intensively and constantly evaluates customers’ business and IT requirements. Based on this thorough research and analysis, Pacer takes an end-to-end approach to infrastructure and network management and provides an end-to-end consultation in designing the complete network architecture. The proposed design goes beyond the basics like switches and routers and includes security and management systems.


Pacer’s professional architecture and scalable network solutions support your evolving business needs for today and tomorrow. Our solution comprises of design specifications, specific bill of materials, and services required in setting up and managing the network infrastructure. Protecting confidential information is a business requirement. Pacer introspects and assesses your security capability, identifies critical information assets, threats, and vulnerabilities to your systems. Pacer’s solutions ensure that your Information Security is in place to reduce risks and ensure a secure environment.

Pacer offers a suite of solutions catering to the following core business and IT needs in networking and security solutions:

  1. Core, distribution and Access layer switching
  2. WAN solutions [Routers]
  3. Wireless solutions
  4. Multi branch solutions
  5. Remote access solutions [VPN]
  6. Security Solutions [Firewall, Content security, IPS]
  7. Unified Communications