Our customers come from varied domains and industries. We cater to unique and changing business requirements through our focussed sales and support interventions..

Testimonial 1
I have to really appreciate the improvements in your working method & style as compared to when we started around 3 yrs ago.

You are bringing Professionalism, Accountability
and Effectiveness and this is what puts the smile on customers faces.
Keep up the good work and thank you for your wonderful support.

DGM - Marketing
Sri Yantra Engineering Agencies (P) Ltd.

Testimonial 2
Amidst all the (part no.) HW issues/ business impact,
I must say that we got great support from Sudarshan for every single issue attended by him. His customer friendly approach has always increased our confidence in Pacer. We are really happy with the kind of support we received from Sudarshan.

Shripad S Sengaonkar

Testimonial 3
Really appreciate your team's focus and dedication. We enjoy the partnership we share with Pacer and specifically you for always upholding and delivering to Cisco's needs. Pls do let Mrs. Singh know our word of appreciation for your team.

I have recommended Pacer's services to everybody for any other IT requirements they may have, I hope they get in touch with you at some point in the future.

Kiran S Narayan,

Testimonial 4
Thank you everybody for the smooth transition.